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Hush Hat Purple Poppy

Hush Baby
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The HUSH Hat™ is designed to comfortably (and fashionably) protect your little one’s sensitive hearing, softening sounds that constantly wake sleeping babies. Designed with specialized medical grade sound-absorbing foam and ultra-soft materials, each HUSH Hat™ not only reduces noise, but is incredibly comfortable. The HUSH Hat™ fits slightly different than a regular hat. It is longer in order to completely cover the infants ears, so it may require a little adjustment on your end. When placing on the hat on your babies head, first knead the foam for 5-10 seconds to warm it up. The foam has optimal sound absorption when it is warm and in contact with the skin. The warmth allows the foam to conform more closely to the baby's ears. Babies' ear placement ranges greatly! So the foam is also adjustable, allowing you to position it however you want. If you feel the HUSH Hat™ is too low over the babies forehead you can reposition it by giving the back of the hat a little tug. If you have any questions on fit or use feel free to contact us! Hand wash, lay flat to dry. The HUSH Hat™ is NOT intended for all night use.